Sepro Urban Metals

Urban Mining and High-Value Urban Metal Recovery

We provide proven processes and custom waste solutions for the recovery of high-value metals from urban mining sources, such as e-waste, incinerator bottom ash and more.

What we do

Sepro Urban Mining has leveraged decades of experience in the mineral recovery industry to develop specialized equipment and methods to maximize metal recovery in urban environments. Our urban mining solutions reduce processing costs associated with urban metal recovery from electronic scrap, cables, household recycling and incinerator bottom ash.


Sepro has a number of different methods for the recovery of valuable metals from e-waste depending on the type, volume and composition of material to process. Solutions include physical separation as well as hydrometallurgical and pyrometallurgical processes.

Incinerator Bottom Ash

Sepro has developed proprietary systems for the recovery of precious metals and other high-value elements from incinerator bottom ash. Specifically, we are experts at the recovery of metals smaller than 4mm, while traditional technologies struggle for effective recovery.

Custom Solutions

Sepro has developed many custom solutions for the recovery of precious metals and high value components of urban waste streams. We have the knowledge to develop innovative processes from first principles, and the experience to apply those processes at the industrial scale.

Case Studies

Did you know?

Incinerator bottom ash from waste-to-energy facilities often has a higher percentage of gold than the world’s highest-grade gold mines!

Possibilities and Limitations in Wet Processing of IBA

This paper includes a thorough overview of the challenges of recovering precious and base metals from IBA, as well as the application of gravity concentration for recovering metals in the fine size fraction.



Size of water suspended slimes removed from bottom ash

(SG = 2.0 - 2.8 g/cm)

Density of the mineral/glassy components of the ash

(SG > 6.7 g/cm3)

Density of the heavy metals in the ash


theoretical recovery limit for copper


theoretical recovery limit for silver


theoretical recovery limit for gold