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Sepro Urban Mining has a laboratory facility in Canada where we conduct extensive R&D on urban mining applications. We also conduct R&D in the field to improve processes, recovery and value at client sites.

With our unique process flowsheets, we maximize metal recovery from urban mining sources and continue to develop processes and technologies to increase the value from recycled mineral and waste.

Did you know?

Bottom ash from waste-to-energy facilities often has a higher percentage of gold than the world’s largest gold mines!

Possibilities and Limitations in wet processing of IBA

This paper includes a thorough overview of the challenges of recovering precious and base metals from IBA as well as the application of gravity concentration for recovering metals in the fine size fraction.


Incinerator Bottom Ash

Sepro has developed a wet process to capture fine metal particles that were unrecoverable by traditional dry processes. We use a multi-stage process of environmentally-friendly gravity separation devices, and are able to remove leachable metals so an aggregate is produced that can be used for municipal construction.

We continually conduct lab and field research to improve the above process so more metal can be recovered and less leachable elements are present in the plant output.

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Sepro has consulted and worked on many types of e-waste processing. We’ve collaborated with a number of partners to develop unique solutions for the efficient processing of different types of e-waste.

We’ve developed processes to deal with the harmful chemicals that can be present in e-waste, working closely with businesses to develop proprietary processes in e-waste management. Sepro works with businesses in various industries, including mineral processing and aggregate mining companies. Our expertise in these industries give us the breadth of knowledge and depth of experience to help you optimize your results.

We’re able to leverage our expertise in the field to help optimize your processes and results. No matter the type of waste you are dealing with, we can suggest an urban mining solution that will help improve your bottom line.

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