Urban Metals PCB

The high value of precious metal recovery in printed circuit boards (PCB) is constituting a valuable resource and at the same time a challenge from a process view. The new approach reaches unmatched liberation of precious metals and copper from the complex circuit boards to allow for optimum recoveries. Toxins contained in PCB’s are safely removed and will not negatively affect the sales value of the metal concentrates.

Crushed PCB’s are fed to a thermal treatment system where PCB’s become fracturable and toxins are removed safely. Thereafter, the PCBs are mechanically disintegrated in a mill and coarse copper is removed from the mill discharge as a clean product. The remaining fine slurry is then processed by Sepro’s low-G and high-G gravity concentration stages for fine copper and precious metals recovery. The gravity concentration rejects are dewatered and disposed of as non-hazardous residue.