Sepro Mineral Systems Corp and Brantner Environment GmbH are pleased to announce the successful commissioning of a modular Fine Slag Treatment Plant (FSTP) at Brantner’s IBA processing operation in Hohenruppersdorf, Austria. The pioneering plant was designed, built and delivered by Sepro within a timeframe of 20 weeks, following the completion of promising test work according to a standardized protocol for precious metal recovery from fine IBA.

Household and industrial waste from modern societies contains copper, brass, gold and other precious and base metals. The metals become enriched in the bottom ash of waste incinerators, but only coarse metals (+2mm) are recoverable with conventional techniques. The new FSTP technology applies centrifugal density separation to collect the valuable fine metals and particularly fine precious metals, such as gold and silver.

Brantner’s highly effective operation processes 35,000 t/a of bottom ash and produces ferrous, stainless steel, heavy non-ferrous metals and light non-ferrous metals concentrates. The new system adds a fine ferrous concentrate and a fine heavy metals concentrate, contributing to Brantner’s smelter sales. FSTP plants can contribute a new dimension of added value to any dry or wet bottom ash treatment plant and thus help divert resources from our landfills.

Commissioning and Installation of the Sepro Fine Slag Treatment Plant at Brantner’s Incinerator Bottom Ash processing operation in Hohenruppersdorf, Austria

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