After several positive updates from the Brantner Oesterreich incinerator bottom ash (IBA) plant (read more here and here), Sepro is excited to announce the release of a collaborative white paper authored by Jonas Boehnke, Andrew Gillis, Gerhard Stockinger, and Bernd Bohle.

The paper, titled “Wet processing of incinerator bottom ash for precious and base metals recovery” includes an overview of metal recovery from IBA, historical challenges in recovering precious and base metals, and the application of gravity concentration to recovering metals in the fine size fraction.

With approximately 20-30% of the IBA feed being in the fine size fraction for the Brantner plant, the Sepro Fine Slag Treatment Plant ends up processing approximately 10,000 tpa with 70% of the precious metals recovered, include gold, copper, and silver.

To read more details, please view the full paper by clicking below.

Preview image of the first page of the Sepro and Brantner white paper on wet processing of incinerator bottom ash
Click Image to View Full PDF of White Paper

To learn about the costs and economic benefits of fine metal recovery from IBA, please contact us here. You can also read more about incinerator bottom ash processing and Sepro Fine Slag Treatment plants by clicking here.