During a recent Sepro service visit to the Brantner Österreich GmbH Fine Slag Treatment Plant (FSTP) commissioned in 2017, Sepro and Brantner commissioned a shaking table upgrade for the plant with the intent to further upgrade the Falcon SB400 concentrate with regards to gold, silver, and copper.

The table upgrade is designed to minimize loss of valuable metals (view the shaking table upgrade flowsheet). While the table concentrate is collected as a final saleable product, the table tails (rejected lower grade material) are recirculated and recombined with the SB400 Gravity Concentrator feed. The shaking table middlings stream (mid-grade material) are recirculated and recombined with the table feed in order to recapture any precious metals that may not have made it into the table concentrate. This recirculating design results in little to no loss to overall recovery compared to the concentrator-only design. The upgrading of the Falcon concentrate to the table con was significant in increasing the saleability of the final concentrate for the plant.

Simplified shaking table upgrade flowsheet for the Brantner FSTP to demonstrate the recirculation of the table tails and middlings. Click image to view full PDF.

Since commissioning, the table has been run daily for eight hours without operator attention. For fine slag treatment plants with higher feed rates, larger tables can be similarly implemented. With a low implementation cost and minimal impact on operations requirements, the shaking table upgrade to the plant has been a demonstrated success for the Brantner incinerated waste plant.

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