Sepro Urban Mining has partnered together with Thijs van de Winckel to introduce advanced urban mining solutions to Europe. 

Thijs, the owner of van de Winckel Urban Mining Solutions, has extensive experience working in urban mining and the recycling industry in Europe. Van de Winckel UMS specializes in the following:

  • Municipal Solid Waste Incinerator Bottom Ash
  • Automotive Shredder Residue
  • Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment 

Now, with the help of Sepro Urban Mining, solutions will be offered to improve metal recovery rates in the recycling industry. Thijs will be bringing his experience and innovative solutions to clients in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, United Kingdom, Scandinavia and Finland. 

My mission is to create simple and effective solutions that allow each of my customers to keep innovating and to improve their current business.

Thijs van de Winckel

Why is Urban Mining Important?

The demand for metals is increasing in today’s economy. As more and more people gain access to electronic goods, the amount of electronic waste is also rising. This waste contains both precious and base metals that can be recovered in a cost-effective way, offering an added stream of income to recycling companies. Additional benefits of urban mining include:

  • Lessening the demand to mine for virgin metals
  • Helping promote a circular economy
  • Reducing waste that would otherwise be sent to landfills
  • Higher metal recovery rates versus traditional mining methods
  • The efficient recovery of precious metals like gold and silver, which can then be sold

Critical Areas of Urban Mining

Sepro Urban Mining specializes in three key areas of urban mining: incinerator bottom ash, e-waste recycling, and custom solutions.

Incinerator Bottom AshIncinerator bottom ash is a byproduct of waste-to-energy facilities: it’s the material that does not fully combust and often contains precious and heavy metals. Sepro’s Fine Slag Treatment Plant is designed to process incinerator bottom ash and recover these metals.

Incinerator Bottom Ash Plant
Sepro’s Fine Slag Treatment Plant at the Brantner Oestereich operation, Austria.

E-waste Recycling

E-waste, or electronic waste, is comprised of discarded cell phones, laptops, and other electronic materials. These products contain trace amounts of precious metals, along with heavy metals like lead and beryllium. If disposed of in a landfill, these metals can pose a serious hazard to the environment and surrounding populations. 

Such electronic devices contain tiny components and pose a challenge for recycling centres when it comes to recovering their valuable metals in a cost-effective way. Sepro has worked closely with experienced e-waste recyclers to develop an innovative process to recover gold and other valuable metals safely and effectively. 

Custom Solutions

Sepro’s full-service metallurgical and mineral testing laboratory conducts extensive research to help our clients find the right solutions to their urban mining problems. If we don’t have an “off-the-shelf” solution to fit your needs, we’ll create one. 

Our decades of experience with advanced mineral separation systems have helped us develop some of the most innovative methods on the urban mining landscape.

Let’s Help You Improve Your Urban Mining Metal Recovery

Are you a European company that’s ready to improve your metal recovery rates? Or, would you like to discuss how a Fine Slag Treatment Plant can help maximize your metal recovery from incinerator bottom ash? Contact Thijs van de Winckel today!

Thijs van de Winckel

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