Custom Waste Solutions For Urban Mining


Sepro has a full service metallurgical lab that conducts all of our urban mining research and process development. If we don’t have an off-the-shelf process to fit your needs then we will work together closely to develop the most simple and effective process to fit your particular application. Our decades of experience working with and developing the most advanced mineral separation systems have uniquely positioned Sepro to offer cutting edge cost-effective metal separation equipment and processes for the urban waste industry.

custom urban metal waste recovery solutions

Our custom solutions range from e-waste and IBA, to leaded glass separation and more.

Leaded Glass Separation

Most glass we encounter in daily life does not contain lead. However, older TVs and computers with CRT displays, as well as crystal housewares, can contain up to 40% lead oxide!

custom urban metal waste recovery solutions
custom urban metal waste recovery solutions

When glass is collected in bulk,it can be easy to confuse leaded glass with unleaded glass. However, when it comes time for recycling, leaded and unleaded glass particles need to be processed separately for health and safety reasons. Sepro has developed a process for quick and efficient separation of using the Sepro Condor Dense Medium Separator.

Do you have a mixture of leaded and unleaded glass that needs to be separated for processing?

Do you need a custom solution in place for urban mining?

Contact Sepro to learn more about Sepro’s Condor Dense Medium Separator.

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